simplest DIY project ever...OOT totes!

Please forgive me for all the DIY posts lately. Honestly it's all I've been doing the past few weeks! Here's a project that anyone can do...it's super simple! So easy in fact, I'm not sure it requires pictures. But I took some for you anyway!

I'm not sure where I first found them, but for a long time now I've wanted to use canvas bags to fill with goodies for our out-of-town guests. I always seem to be an OOT guest at weddings, and it is so nice to have some snacks already in the hotel room when you are tired and hungry after a long drive. Our guests will find these cuties filled with treats in their rooms!

And now for the super simple tutorial:

You will need:
  • Tote bags (canvas, paper, most things will work) I ordered my bags from cheaptotes.com
  • Stamp
  • Stamp pad
  • Something to place inside the bag to prevent bleeding to the back (I used a blank stencil but cardboard would work too!)
1. Lay your bag on a hard, flat surface.
2. Place cardboard or whatever you are using to prevent bleeding inside the bag in the area you want your design.
3. Load stamp with ink.
4. Position stamp where you want your design.
5. Firmly press down to transfer ink.
6. Carefully lift stamp off of bag.
7. Let dry and admire your pretty new tote bag!
Here are all of our bags, just waiting to be filled to make our guests smile!

This is one of those projects that took almost no thought and only an hour or two to finish! So simple and yet so satisfying to check it off the list!

Did you opt to give out OOT bags? Did your guests appreciate them?


Westside Wedding said...

Your OOT bags look great! I'm planning on doing OOT bags too & I can tell you that when I have been an OOT wedding guest I really appreciated the thoughtfulness of an OOT bag :-)

Bee @ BP Wedding said...

Never ever ever apologize about DIY! I love all your projects and this one is equally as fabulous. They turned out great! I have been looking for some great OOT bags and also some bridesmaid totes so I will check out that website and attempt my own DIY project. :)

Christine said...

They look great :-)
But you have quite a lot OOT-guests...

PDX Bride said...

I did OOT totes as well. And people really seemed to love them! I used the old fashion iron on method, and it worked like a charm as well. Plus the whole project really didn't cost me that much money. Maybe $60some! Got to love that. Yours turned out super cute.

Elin said...

I love it! Those are such a good idea! I've just started stamping and stenciling myself and I love it so much, I am now buying stencils and tote bags left right and centre! Here are 2 of my efforts: http://www.nordictouch.co.uk/products.php?Category=15