"faux"tobooth prep and props.

We've recently started to gather props and supplies for our "faux"tobooth! I was in Paper Source this past weekend for something totally unrelated, when I came across these chalkboard prints! At $6.95 a piece, I had to have them! We'll mount them on some foam board and they'll be ready to write on!

I also had some little cards made to tell our guests how to get their photobooth pictures, as well as providing instructions on how they can upload their own photos to our website. They arrived today and they look fantastic! Thank you, UPrinting! I actually had them printed on 2 x 3" business cards, and they are the perfect size to fit in our guests' pockets or purses. Now I'm just hoping they will actually use them!

Since we already have the backdrop, camera, tripod, and wireless remote, all that's left for the "faux"tobooth are a few fun props (think hats and mustaches) and possibly a light of some kind. Any suggestions for cool props or types of lights we should use?


Christine said...

Love this uploading idea!
And the chalkboards are gorgeous :-)

{Cassandra} said...

Flowers are always a good prop!!

awna jade. said...

so, so fun!! :)

anna and the ring said...

Love it!

Amber said...

I'm totally obsessed with Paper Source! I'm so glad to find someone else that loves that store too! Oh, and congrats and I your blog is super cute!