the makeup trial.

This past weekend I went back up to the UP for the last time before the wedding. In addition to vendor meetings to make sure everyone is on the right track for the big day, I had my makeup trial.

When I got to the salon, Leah, the girl who will be doing my makeup, told me to look at the makeup book they have to see if there were any pictures I liked. I had done a little research myself beforehand, but due to printer issues at my parents' house (and trying to print the pictures 5 minutes before the trial) I had arrived emptyhanded. I showed her a picture in the book with a lighter shade of eyeshadow on the inner half of the eye and darker on the outer half. I said I'd really like to emphasize my eyes and she agreed that that was a good idea. Then she went to work.

For foundation she applied a mix of tinted moisturizer, foundation, and some kind of shimmery add-in. While I don't ever wear foundation, it was light and didn't feel like my face was suffocating, as some foundations make me feel. She added a little bronzer and blush as well.

For the eyes she applied two shades of brown, lighter on the inside, and darker on the outside. She also applied some brown eyeliner and black mascara. For lips, we went with a light pink color with some gloss on top.

When I looked in the mirror, I was a little disappointed. Since I typically wear slate gray eyeliner and more gray than brown eyeshadow, I felt like the brown made me look a like I was wearing almost no makeup. I should feel more "pretty" on my wedding day than on any normal day, right? I thought so. So I asked if for the day-of we could switch to more grays than browns. She said of course, and actually fixed it for me right then because she wanted to make sure we figured out exactly what to do on the wedding day. She wanted me to wash my face and she would only do my eyes over, but I asked if she could just put it over the brown since I wanted to see how the foundation held up through the whole day.

For try #2 she used a gray eyeshadow across the whole lid, with a gray/black liner. I looked in the mirror again and suggested we add a little purplish-gray color in the crease for a little more dimension. She agreed and after the addition we were finished!

Here's the final look (forgive the self snaps and bad lighting, there was no one around to take pictures for me!)

Here's how it looks with my dress (I had my final fitting when I was home too!)

I'm still a little torn about the look. I feel like my eye makeup doesn't show up in the pictures I took right after the trial. The picture at my dress fitting is better, but there it almost looks too dark! And my face looks a little too shiny for my taste. I wish I had payed attention as to whether my face was actually shiny of if the shine in the pictures is due to the shimmer in the foundation. I'm very particular about my makeup, so I think next time I'll look in the mirror between steps so I can see if we're going in the right direction! I'm also going to get some individual fake eyelashes to add to the look.

What do you think? Is there anything you'd change? I am open to suggestions!


Jen said...

I think you look great!
It is very natural looking, and subtle. However, it sounds like for your eyes subtle is not the look you are going for. I wouldn't be afraid to have her play up your eyes a little more when it comes to the big day - Like you said...you want your eyes to really pop in pictures!

anna and the ring said...

You look beautiful. I agree with Jen about playing up the eyes.

Dona and Tony said...

I'm definitely not a makeup expert but when i got my wedding trial done my lady said absolutely no shimmer. she said sometimes it can reflect in photos and make your face look shiny. I'm not sure if that's what's going on in your photo or not- but if you can avoid the shimmer it probably wouldn't be a bad thing.