wedding marathon.

This weekend, we're off to the first of four weddings (not counting our own) that we have to go to in the next nine weeks. Yes, that means 5 out of 9 weekends will be spent celebrating marriage. Talk about a wedding marathon! And to top it off, 2 of the additional weekends (or weeks, actually) will be spent on our honeymoon (to be blogged about soon, I swear!) It's going to be a busy two months in the Mascara household!

This weekend one of our groomsmen will be getting married in the Traverse City, MI area. It's a barn wedding, so I am very excited! I've never been to a barn wedding but if it's anything like Mrs. Cherry Pie's, it should be amazing! I have a new appreciation for all of the little details at weddings after I've been planning our own. I'll be sure to take some pictures and share them with you when I get back!

Has anyone else had a wedding marathon? How many weddings in how many weeks? Let's see what the record is!


Melissa said...

Last year, we had 8 weddings in 12 weeks. Unfortunately, we had to miss one because it fell on the same day as another and wasn't in the same area. And, even though it was a busy wedding season, it was a lot of fun and we were honored to be invited to celebrate such an important time in so many others' lives!

PDX Bride said...

Glad I am not the only one with this same thing going on. We have already been to two this year, missed one, had our own, have two more, plus I think we are missing one after that!! Plus I have already heard about a couple more next year!! Many other of my old friends are also getting married . . . I must say that I am really not worried about missing many of those! Oh well.