i have a handover.

handover (n.)
1. Unpleasant physical effects, usually affecting the hands, following the heavy use of a corner rounder to make wedding programs or other stationary.
After rounding 3,000 corners this weekend (with the help of two lovely bridesmaids), you could say that I have a handover. My palms are so sore, and I know the other girls feel the same! I wouldn't be surprised if actual bruises form within the next few days. But as far as I'm concerned, it was worth it! I won't be showing you the final product until after the wedding, but here's a sneak peek at the little works of art we created to house the details of our wedding ceremony.
They're not quite finished yet (I need to add some final touches, including our names!), but at least the corner rounding and handovers are out of the way! I had to retire two corner rounder punches after this project!

Did anyone else experience soreness after finishing a wedding project? Working out doesn't count for this one :)


Jen said...

Oh man! I'm sure I have at one point or another, but seriously they came out fantastic! Worth the pain! :)

Bee @ BP Wedding said...

from that tiny little peek of them, i can tell that they are going to be amazing! good job on those and i'm sure the unpleasant soreness will be long forgotten after you see how beautiful they turn out. definitely a labor of love. :)