another invite.

Last week I sent out our rehearsal dinner invitations! While not completely necessary, I really wanted to send out invites for the rehearsal dinner so there was no question as to who was invited and to make sure everyone knew what the plan was for dinner. Also, since our RD will be at Mr. M's parents' house on a lake outside of town, I wanted to make sure people knew how to get there!

I found my inspiration for the invitation design a few months ago, and even put them together a few weeks ahead of when I needed to send them! I was pretty proud of myself of being so on top of these.
The invitations were made with the same ruby stardream metallic cardstock, green flourish paper, and white linen paper we've been using throughout all of our paper projects. I added a teal blue ribbon to tie in the ribbon we had our wedding invites, and used the same fonts we used on those as well. We opted to use kraft envelopes for these, simply because I love kraft paper. Mr. M printed the addresses on the envelopes using our printer, which ended up being the most frustrating step in the whole process. Let's just say our printer does not share my love of kraft paper!
Printer difficulties aside, this was the stationary project that I enjoyed the most. This may or may not have something to do with the fact that there were actually a manageable amount of invites that needed to be made! 32 RD invites versus 215 wedding invitations is a HUGE difference when DIYing (and even when not DIYing, for that matter)!
Did anyone else send out rehearsal dinner invites? Did they make life easier for your guests?


Future Mrs. H said...

Since we are having a destination wedding - all of our guests are invited to the rehearsal dinner! We are sending invites so no one is confused :-)

Jen said...

Those came out lovely! Great job :)
I did DIY rehearsal invites...I think people appreciated having the times & addresses in hand, rather than the "ok we'll meet at the church and follow each other to the restaurant" especially with the whole bridal party being out of town.


an aqua juel said...

We are putting inserts into our wedding invite about the rehearsal party. We are doing a casual barbecue at our house so everyone is invited.

Christine said...

They turned out great - of course :-)