saving our seats.

Obviously, there is no question as to where the bride and groom sit at their own reception. Head table or sweetheart table, either way, the newly married couple usually know where they should sit, and no honorable wedding guest would dare take those seats. Are the little signs we see designating the chairs for the happy couple unnecessary? Probably. But are they super cute and just begging for a photo op? Most definitely!
Mrs. Cupcake's chair signs.
I took a cue from a few of my favorite detail shots and made our own "Mr." and "Mrs." signs to tie onto our chairs.
Note: This was pre-prioritizing. I was counting down the months at this point, not days!

I think we'll also put our Goose Grease cake toppers at our places, just in case we forget where we'll be sitting (or maybe just because they are adorable).
How are you saving your seats at your reception?


Jen said...

I love those! I thought about doing them but am not sure how to hook them to my chairs!
Yours came out great :)

Christine said...

Love those signs :-)
And yours are adorable.

Bee @ BP Wedding said...

i'm definitely making a pair of mr and mrs signs for our chairs. necessary? nope. but like you said. super cute! and i want em! :)

PDX Bride said...

My mom had her friend paint little wooden signs for us. They said Bride and Groom . . . super cute. Plus my mom had little place cards in front of our seats that said Mr and Mrs. Got to love those cute little details!