flip FLOP.

For a long time now (as in several months... that's a long time in the wedding planning world) I've wanted to have a basket of flip flops at our wedding for all the ladies (and men I suppose) with tired toes.  I am not one that is known to dance all night, but I know that when I do get on the dance floor at weddings in my taller-than-necessary heels... my feet usually hurt and I want nothing more than to take off my shoes and dance around barefoot.  I try to refrain from removing them though, for fear of dirt and men with shoes on, waiting to step on my toes. I'm sure plenty of other ladies have been in this same boat.  Enter the very thoughtful and strategically placed basket of flip flops near the dance floor, there to come to every girl's rescue.
The basket o' flip flops is one of those things that I really want at our wedding, but do not want to spend a lot of money on.  I've been telling myself from the beginning that I will not spend more than $1 per pair.  I've seen them at this price at Michael's, but the quality is lacking a little, even if they do only cost a dollar.  After doing a little investigating on the subject, I learned that one day each summer, Old Navy has a sale where all of their solid color flip flops are $1!  I did some internet searching to find that last summer the sale was in June, so I signed up for Old Navy spam and waited for the ad to arrive in my inbox.

Yesterday, it arrived.
For a minute I was excited, and then I realized that it's my bridal shower this weekend (yay!) and I will be in the Upper Peninsula... aka the land of no Old Navy stores.  Or any stores for that matter.  The closest Old Navy is an hour and a half from where I'll be... so I won't be driving to pick up my $1 flip flops.  Hopefully some of you who've been looking for some cheap flip flops will be within a reasonable distance of an Old Navy this Saturday so you can capitalize on this great sale!  Good luck and happy shopping!


an aqua juel said...

So that means you won't be able to get the $1 flip flops?? Isn't there someone who can pick them up for you? Such a bummer...goodness, if no one can pick them up for you, I certainly don't live anywhere near Michigan, but I'm not doing anything on Thursday so let me know if you can't find anyone to get them for you. I wouldn't mind picking some up for you!!

Jenn said...

Ugh, I'll be at my bachelorette party at the lake that day (also in the land of no Old Navys). Darn it! Thanks for sharing the tip, though! I bet someone will use it.

E @ Oh! Apostrophe said...

I ordered mine online during their sale... google for a free shipping code!

Anonymous said...

I was super excited to check this sale out...and of course by the time I got there all the girl ones were gone!! But...I did score some guy flip flops!! Thanks for the tip otherwise I would never have known this was happening!!

oh and I gave you an award on my blog :)