point and shoot.

I finally gave in and bought a new "point and shoot" camera recently. We had purchased a new SLR as a Christmas gift to ourselves, but I needed something that could fit in my purse, which our wonderful Nikon D60 would not. I also wanted something at a lower price point so when I brought it out for events such as my bridal showers (one of which is next weekend!) and my bachelorette party (which I cannot wait for, by the way) I wouldn't have to wear it around my neck due to the fear of dropping it after one too many glasses of wine. My fiance insists on doing extensive research before buying any type of electronic device, so naturally I gave him the task of finding me a digital camera that was not too expensive (less than $300), very compact, took pictures quickly (I hate waiting for 5 different flashes to go off and by the time it's finished everyone is blinking), and took good pictures in the dark. After a bit of surfing the web, he came up with this one:

A Canon PowerShot SD790 IS, which was cheapest at Best Buy. The next night we went to the store to check it out in person. The floor model wouldn't turn on, which was slightly disappointing, and was a little bigger than I would have liked. There was another Canon model that had similar features, but was much more compact. We played with that model and decided we'd do a bit more research and come back the next day.  After discovering that the more compact model also had good reviews, and that Best Buy's prices were comparable to other stores, we went back and bought it! It's a Canon PowerShot SD780 IS.

I got to test it out last week while I was in Denver for work, and I am really happy with it! If anyone is looking for a great compact camera, I recommend this one.  Here are a couple pictures I took from my hotel room, sadly this was as close to the mountains as I could get with my hectic schedule while I was there!

Oh, and please don't judge the camera by these pictures, they were taken through the glass window in my room.  

What type of point and shoot camera do you have?  Do you love it or hate it?


The Future Mrs. FF said...

we have a Nikon color shot. And I really love it and it takes great pictures. I think that is what it is called.. We also have a bigger camera a Cannon Rebel XTi. Which we love but it is also just to big to carry around! Glad you found one you love. They are so nice to have!

LauraAnn said...

That camera took excellent pictures if you took those through a glass window! I wouldn't have even known unless you hadn't said something!