sister shower and some socks.

My future sister-in-laws informed me this week that they'd like to throw a shower for us. We figured out a date that would work best and now it's official. They've asked me to put a list together of girls I want to invite, so that's on my to-do list in the next few days. Is it bad that I don't have a guest list yet but I do have a dress to wear? I picked this up at Banana Republic, it was on sale! It was originally $150, on sale for $69.99. Add 10% off for using my BR card plus another 15% off with my "pick your own sale" card, and I paid under $50 for it. Not too bad! I wish I would've been able to get there last week when they had their friends and family sale, but that just didn't happen. Now I just have to find a cute pair of shoes and some jewelry to match and I'll be all set!
The boy also picked up some socks for himself and his groomsmen in a super sweet shade of green.
The socks will be part of the gifts for the groomsmen. We've been searching for socks to match our color scheme for a few months now, so I'm glad we finally found some that will work!


Amber said...

love the dress!!!

jane in the waiting line said...

i don't know why, but i think matching socks are an absolute MUST for weddings. i love the ones you picked! great color!