should we stay or should we go.

Adam and I are contemplating going north for the weekend to Packerland (that is Green Bay, WI for those non-midwesterners). We NEED to figure out where we're going to get our rental items for the wedding, or everyone will be using paper plates. Classy. So this is somewhat of an impromptu trip, our plans for the weekend fell through so we decided we'd do something productive instead. The only problem is out of the two rental places I found, one of them cannot meet on Saturday and the other hasn't gotten back to me yet. So do I pack or not? I suppose I should, since my grandmother is excited that we're going to come visit. But will it be a productive trip if we can't meet with anyone? Not so much. I guess we'll figure it out before tomorrow after work when we have to start driving!

If we do end up finding rental items, I can guarantee they will not measure up to this gorgeous tablescape that Amanda from In The Now Weddings posted on Elizabeth Anne Designs today. If I had seen it earlier in the planning process, I think I would have reconsidered our color scheme.
Photos from Amanda on EAD.

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