we are going.

We're off to GB in T minus 2 hours. My g-ma is excited to order pizzas and visit tonight. Tomorrow I'm not sure what we'll do, probably just visit with my cousins, it's been awhile. We will be meeting with someone from a rental place on Sunday to see what they have. They have some pictures on their website, so from what I know right now, this is what I'm contemplating...

Which is better, ivory china with a gold rim that doesn't really go with the color scheme, but is $0.14 per plate cheaper?
Or white china that matches the color scheme but I don't really like the pattern and costs $0.14 more?
Which is better, using the ugly brown folding chairs that the armory provides and spending $1.75 for a chair cover and sash that we then have to put on 325 chairs?

Or renting white wooden folding chairs, transporting them to the venue and tying a ribbon on the back for the same price?
Please help.

On another note, I'll be picking a winner of the custom inspiration board on the trip. I'll post the winner from the car!

Photos from here.


AmyKristen said...

I like the more expensive China better (of course!)


I think if it's the same price, I'd use the ugly chairs they provide. It's just that much less that you have to worry about and deal with! Plus they'll be covered and look beautiful!

Dona and Tony said...

I like the white china. And the white folding chairs. Especially if the folding chairs will be the same price as the armory chairs- they are cute. And you can put a ribbon around them.

Another place to rent chairs is from Midway Rentals in Negaunee. You might want to check them out. They have a website. We are renting chairs for the ceremony from them. I don't think they are as cute as the white wooden folding chairs though.

PDX Bride said...

I am not sure about the china . . . I would probably go with the white. With the chairs, I hate chair covers so I would probably go with the white and add the ribbon!

gangsta bride said...

Maybe instead of renting china, you could scour some thrift store and ask family and friends to donate any white pieces they have for the big day. That would give it kind of a cool mismatchy feel, but it would still look good because it is white. You may also want to keep the china you buy as a cool momento of your wedding, or even give them away as little favors for your wedding party with something on the back.

For the chairs- definitely the wooden ones. I completely agree with pdx bride. Covers are too wedding-y.