good news.

For those of us who can't afford or are too cheap to buy all of the beautiful yet overpriced items from J.Crew, there is good news! TJ Maxx has started selling items from J.Crew. While shopping there this weekend, I found the exact pair of bridal shoes I would have purchased if Adam was a few inches taller. And since the price tag said $19.99, I bought them anyway. Just in case I want some bridal portraits taken in ivory satin heels, rather than my pretty teal satin flats. Don't get me wrong, I love my blue shoes, but there is something about wearing heels that makes me feel a little prettier. Even if I don't wear them for the wedding, I'm sure I can find somewhere else to wear them, and if not, oh well, they were only $20!
Photo is my own.


A. Auer said...

Hi Holly!!

1. This is great news [about the shoes]

2. After reading ONE page of your blog, I'm smitten. Pom pom goodbye- ugh! amazing! Hair flower... divine! Ribbon with a twist- too cute. You are doing your homework!

3. THANK YOU for linking my blog and for, more than that, LIKING my blog. So flattered.

4. Email me so we can be friends. :)


melissa said...

Oh my goodness, I could tell I liked your blog. I also ordered the teal sating flats. They arrive in a few days. How do yours fit? I am a little worried they might be tight.

Jenn said...

How cute are those?! I love finding expensive shoes on sale :)