diy project: hair flower

Tonight, after cutting the fabric for my crinoline, I used the remaining fabric to make the flowers I'm going to put in my hair. Here are instructions in case you want to make one yourself, they are really easy to make!

You will need:

Fabric -- lightweight fabric like silk or chiffon will work best. I just used some apparel lining fabric in ivory to match my dress. You can use scraps from another project, this doesn't take much!
Scissors or rotary cutter
Self-healing mat if you're using a rotary cutter
Needle and matching thread


1. Cut a flower out of your fabric with scissors or a rotary cutter. You can trace a pattern on first if you prefer, I just did it freehand. Sorry for the wrinkles in this flower, this was one of my rejects.
2. Continue to cut flowers, making each one slightly smaller than the last. I used about 10 flowers for each hairpiece I made.3. Stack flowers center to center from biggest to smallest, alternating the locations of the petals to avoid gaps. 4. Carefully lift all of the flowers at once and fold them in half.
5. Place needle in the center of the folded side, making sure that needle goes through all layers of the flower. Make a few stiches to keep the flowers together.
6. Turn flower around and pinch in the opposite direction to make flower round. Arrange petals how you would like them. 7. Make a few more stitches to keep petals in place and tie a knot in the thread. Your flower is finished!
8. Attach flower to hair clip, pin, headband, or anywhere else you want! Enjoy your pretty new flower!

All photos are my own.


Chrissy said...

They look fab :-))
Great job!

GV said...

these are great!

really cute!!

melissa said...

I just saw this over at EAD. Fabulous. I have been posting lately about my hair flower inspirations but wanted to make my own - but not sure where to start. Thanks for the tips, I will have to try it.

LA said...

Thank you thank you for this post! I've seen flowers like this and knew they had to be fairly easy to make.
I <3 your blog!

Dona and Tony said...

We are having 2 flower girls (Tony's nieces) and I think I'm going to try to make some of these for their hair. I'll put your instructions to use :)

sony said...

Beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing so many great tips!