This past weekend, Adam's parents came to visit. Since my future mother-in-law's birthday is this Friday (the 13th!) we decided to celebrate her birthday a little early. After a nice Italian we celebrated with a chocolate cake with homemade mint frosting that I had made for the occasion.
It was minty and delicious, and a good way to test another possible flavor for the wedding. And more importantly, a great way to celebrate my almost-mother's birthday! Sorry I can't share the frosting recipe, but there is a similar one in the current issue of Martha Stewart Weddings, which is where I got the idea for adding mint! Basically, add some mint extract to your regular frosting recipe and you'll be good to go, just don't add to much or it will taste like mouthwash! Add a little at a time until it gets to your desired minty-ness.
Speaking of cakes, I need to find three pedestal cake stands, one tall one and two short ones. Let the ebay searches begin!
Photo is my own.


Once A Bride said...

I love anything mint! sounds yummy.

A. Auer said...

Looks great... but, you aren't making your own wedding cake ARE YOU?

One Love Photo said...

that looks really good rigth now!