cool cufflinks.

I just found the coolest, most original, slightly nerdy in a me-and-my-fiance-are-both-engineers way, cufflinks I've ever seen! I don't think that sentence made any sense, but either way these are pretty fantastic. I wonder where one would find them... any suggestions?
Photo by L’amour de Vie via Style Me Pretty's Little Black Book Blog.

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PDX Bride said...

These aren't exactly the same from Red Envelope, but still very cool! http://gifts.redenvelope.com/cufflinks/watchmovementcufflinks-21098311?viewpos=2&trackingpgroup=rfmcl&catid=rfmcl

Also, not sure if you would like a similar watch . . . I bought thisfor my fiance last year, he loves it (http://nakedwatch.com/store/item/1wdlm/Men/NakedWatch_R_Saratoga.html)