dress dilemma...solved!

I've finally solved the dilemma I posted about here, where I couldn't decide between using two or three colors for the bridesmaids dresses. I've decided that we'll be going with just two of the colors, teal and plum. The guys will be wearing moss/olive green ties. I think this is the best option for a few reasons:

1. I want everyone to have their first choice for color. It just so happens that the order happens to be teal, plum, teal, plum, teal, plum, teal. Ask and you shall receive!

2. I am anal and I like order. The order of the dresses when using three colors and not giving all of the girls their first choice in color is less than perfect.

3. With the girls having (most likely) green bouquets, I think the flowers with the green dresses would blend in a little more than I'd like.

4. I think the balance of the green bouquets and green ties will tie everything together enough that we won't need the green dresses. And my bridal party will look less like a rainbow. Hooray!

So it's been decided. I plan on calling all of my lovely bridesmaids this weekend to tell them the news and to let them order their dresses. They are going to look beautiful walking down the aisle in these pretty dresses! And the guys will be looking dapper as well in their pinstriped suits and green ties!

Photoshopped image from my MOH Dani.


Chelsea C. said...

I saw on "An Atlanta Bride" that your wedding day is the day after mine! (Sept 4) Congrats! Looking at your blog makes me afraid I'm already far behind!

Pug(s) and Bugg said...

Ohmigosh... someone as anal as me... I LOVE your logic and the way you worked things out!!! Bravo!