weekend recap.

After work on Friday, I came home and started looking for some wedding-related things online and began to feel really overwhelmed. There are so many things we have left to do before September! There are less than 8 months left until the big day and it feels like I will never get everything done! So in order to feel a little more organized, I printed out all of the wedding planning forms from the Russell + Hazel website and started filling them in. This led me to feel even more stressed out because there were so many blank lines that I didn't know how to fill in!

On Saturday, I expressed to Adam how stressed I was beginning to feel about the wedding, so we spent the day trying to check things off the never-ending list.

First, we went to the mall (in a snowstorm I might add) in order to find a few things. We were looking for moss green ties for the groomsmen and teal ties for our dads. I never realized how hard it would be to find plain satin ties! We were wildly unsuccessful. We also were looking for the teal satin flats I've been eyeing for the wedding. I'd read some reviews online that they run a little small so I wanted to try them on before I ordered them from amazon. Sadly, I couldn't find them anywhere. I also wanted to look for some wedding day jewelry, and didn't get much accomplished in this category because I have no clue where to start. I still don't know what kind of jewelry I want to wear! There is so much to choose from it's just overwhelming to me.

The only thing that we accomplished at the mall was to pick up our champagne flutes and decide that we like the rest of the set that goes with them. So we will have to add another store to register at... yet another thing to do.

Next we went to Men's Wearhouse, because I had found some ties online that I thought could work for our dads. They had the ties, and they were the right color, but one of them had a spot on it that was really noticeable. So we decided we'd just buy them at another store.

We drove a few blocks more and stopped at David's Bridal so I could get swatches of the bridesmaids dresses. It was crazy in there as usual, and I had a frustrating encounter with the girls at the front desk. I explained to them that I needed swatches of the taffeta dress in plum, juniper, and olivine, and they told me that they only carry swatches of their satin dresses, not the taffeta ones. Does anyone else think this makes absolutely no sense? Why would you make swatches of all the dresses you sell except the taffeta ones? Stupid.

On our way home we stopped at another Men's Wearhouse, where they also had the teal ties, but none in extra long (my dad is sort of tall) so we couldn't buy the ties here either.

Our last stop was Michaels, where I had seen that all flower stems were 50% off. I've been wanting to make "a" and "h" letters out of hydrangeas to hang on the doors of the church. We found the perfect shade of hydrangeas and brought the entire stock they had to the front, only to find out that they were considered "bushes" and not "stems" and weren't included in the sale. This was the point where we gave up for the day, brought the hydrangea "bushes" back to their spot in the aisle and went home.

We spent the entire day trying to get wedding tasks accomplished and the only thing we had to show for it were our champagne flutes. Which are beautiful by the way, but we still did not cross anything off the list!

When we got home, we ordered the teal ties from the Men's Wearhouse website before we went out for the night. I think our dads will look pretty handsome sporting these teal ties and matching pocket squares!
Ties from Men's Wearhouse.

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