christmas diy project #6: shadow box.

So this wasn't exactly a Christmas present, but close enough. My dad retired from the police department a year ago to the day on Dec. 22. This day also happens to be his birthday. So for his birthday present, I wanted to make him something to commemorate his time as lieutenant. I decided to make him a shadow box, so he could do something with his uniform besides let it sit in the closet collecting dust. My mom gave me his uniform, pins, handcuffs, badge, etc. while I was home at Thanksgiving. I don't think he even noticed it was gone. I found a shadow box from Michaels, which happened to be 40% off (which I was actually mad about, because I had a 50% off coupon at the time that was only valid on regular priced items... just my luck!) I bought some really long floral pins to attach everything to the box, ironed and folded the uniform, layed out everything else in the box, and pinned it all into place. With the exception of stabbing myself with the pins a few times, this project was simple and painless! Love you dad :)
Photo is my own.

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