christmas diy project #7: cigar journal.

My dad is what some may call a cigar snob. He even has his own humidor. So when decided what to give him for Christmas, I wanted to give him something for his hobby (without giving him an actual cigar, I'd actually rather he didn't smoke!) I went online to find something, and came across a book called a Cigar Dossier. It's essentially a journal for people that smoke cigars. You write down the cigar, the occasion, etc. and place the label inside the book, which is the only thing you have to show for it after you finish the cigar. The book was $35, which I thought was crazy for a notebook with a few titles in it. So I made one myself. I found a really rich looking journal at TJ Maxx and used some stamps I already had to create my own "Cigar Dossier".

After a few hours of stamping every single page while Dana and I had our crafting night (yes, we are lame) I had this:

All photos are my own.

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