christmas diy project #5: polka dot corduroy bag.

Every Christmas, my cousins draw names to determine who we should each buy gifts for. This year, the fiances (3 of them) were added to the mix. Adam drew my cousin Mariah's name. She turned 13 on Christmas, so she's the same age as my sister Gaby. I tried to find her a shirt or something from abercrombie, AE, etc. since thats all Gaby wanted for Christmas, but didn't find anything really cute in the price range. I found this adorable bag at AE that I would've bought for her if it wasn't $50, and decided to make something similar. I couldn't find any flannel fabrics at JoAnn's that weren't hick-like, so I went with the polka dot corduroy instead, along with some raspberry corduroy I already had at home, green flannel for the lining, and a matching green ribbon to tie the bag closed.

I made my own pattern for the bag, and it turned out far from perfect. If I had more time, I probably would have tweaked the pattern and made another one. But I didn't have time so I had to send it as is. Hopefully she liked it, I haven't heard from her yet.
Flannel bag from American Eagle. Polka dot photo is my own.

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