christmas diy project #4: letters.

The second part of my gift for Dani was a set of sorority letters. My sister (by blood) and I are also sorority sisters. I had not had a chance to give her a set of letters yet after she became a member last year so I wanted to make her a pair. She had asked for a brown t-shirt with teal letters, but I had another idea. I found a cute bright blue sweatshirt at Target and found some plum colored taffeta fabric to make the letters out of. Then I found this really cool metallic pearl thread to attach the letters. I printed out the greek letters in Adobe Illustrator and then cut them out to make my pattern. I cut out the plum taffeta and some iron on interfacing to give them some support to make them easier to sew onto the sweatshirt. Then I started sewing. Many hours and 3 rolls of thread later... I had finished the letters! I think she liked these as well... she put them on immediately after opening her gifts on Christmas morning. Gaby liked her sweatshirt from me too... although I didn't have any part in the making of that one.All photos are my own.

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