bridesmaids dresses.

While we were at David's Bridal this weekend, we had some extra time to look at some bridesmaids dresses. Dani and Gaby found one that I think might have potential. And it comes in colors very close to my original color scheme.

Here are the dresses from the website. The purple one is much deeper color in person (more plum, less royal purple).Here are the dresses on my sisters. Keep in mind Gaby's dress is about 5 sizes too big. I think it looks better with the bows tied in the back rather than in the front.Here is a close-up of the colors. I think they're really rich and will look great since its a fall wedding, without being the standard reds, oranges, browns that most people use during the fall season.I was originally going to let you girls all choose a dress style that you liked the best in the same color/fabric. We can definitely still go about it that way if you prefer. If we went with these dresses, I think they would be flattering on all of you. I'm thinking it would be cool to do all three colors, and you guys could choose the color you prefer (as long as there was a mix of all of them or at least 2 of them). Here's an idea of what it might look like. Again the purple on here is much different.
What do you guys think? Do you like this dress? Please be honest! I want you guys to feel comfortable in what you wear that day. The dresses are pretty reasonably priced, at $135 each. Would you wear it again to a holiday party, new years, another wedding? Again be honest, I want your opinion!
Dresses and online photo by David's Bridal.


Anonymous said...

i look like an idiot in that picture.
also, the e-version is absurd.

Delilah said...

Wow..! More progress is always great. Those bridesmaid dresses are beautiful and classy.

Diana said...

Those bridesmaids dresses are beautiful & I love the colors!