i wish i was shorter.

I wish I was a little bit shorter. I don't mind being tall on most days, but since Adam is only about an inch or so taller than me, heels won't be an option for my wedding day. The good news is, my feet probably won't hurt. The bad news, I can't wear these. I can't justify spending that much money on a pair of heels anyway. But I bet I could find some on ebay. I've seen a brighter pink/purple color of these that would be perfect.

I love the trend of brides wearing bright colored shoes on their wedding day. They are so much cuter and so much more fun than white shoes. Plus you might even be able to wear them again! Hmm...maybe that would justify the price tag?

I haven't found the perfect pair of brightly colored flats yet, but this pair might be it if they offered some other colors.Heels by J. Crew. Flats by daniblack on Zappos.com


Anonymous said...

never forget piperlime.

Tara said...

definitely wait for a sale... and watch ebay! If you go with a colored pair at least you can wear them again and again after the wedding.