Dana asked for pictures of the details on the dress, so here they are.

The bodice of the dress, front and back will actually have less beading on them than shown in the pictures. You'll be able to see more of the lace that way, and you know how I feel about a lot of beading. It will end up looking more like the lace/beading on the bottom of the dress.
The back will also have the covered buttons going down the zipper. And of course it will actually zip up all the way. I got the dress from The Bride's Room in Wheeling, IL. I highly recommend this salon to anyone! The girls there are so nice, and they shut down the whole bridal area for you while you're there. They also pick out the dresses for you, which some people may not like, but they really get to know your style and find the dresses that fit your taste.

Since this was the first place I went yesterday, I wanted to be absolutely certain before I bought the dress so I went back after my other appointments to try it on for a second time. I didn't have an appointment of course but they still were very accomodating and the same girl that had helped me earlier in the day stopped what she was going to help me try it on again. I was very impressed with their service! Now I have to wait 6 months before my dress comes in :(

Next thing on the list...bridesmaid's dresses!

Photos by my maid of honor and lovely sister Dani.

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Anonymous said...

love it sis.
it was great seeing you this weekend :)