mascaras meet the mediterranean, part two: the ship and a post wedding chop.

We had finally finished the journey. Next, we "checked in" to the boat, which was much less like a hotel and much more like an airport check in, signed forms to say that we weren't sick, got through security one last time and we were there! All we wanted to do was get to our room before we did anything else. And we got there all right.

After such a loooooong trip, we were envisioning something much more...honeymoon-esque? romantic? spacious? luxurious? All of the above. Thank goodness we had upgraded to a window, or I might have left right then. The bottle of champagne waiting there from our travel agent made it a little more inviting, so we quickly got over our visions of honeymoon suites and went out to catch a view from the 11th floor.

We spent the evening enjoying champagne, watching the sunset and having our first of many 4 course meals at Table 462. We crashed early as we were quite jet lagged and still exhausted from all the wedding insanity.

They forgot to give us champagne glasses. We improvised.
Cheers to a wonderful honeymoon!

The next day was an "At Sea" day, which meant laying by the pool and soaking up some Mediterranean rays. It meant discovering the sushi bar which we frequented for an afternoon snack.
We shared this plate, I swear!

A day at sea also meant a much-anticipated visit to the salon. I had desperately wanted for a haircut (and not just a trim) for a very long time and I simply could not wait any longer. I walked in with a picture of the style I wanted, and after reassuring the stylist multiple times that yes, in fact, I was positive I wanted to cut it all off, I walked out feeling a little bit lighter and much happier with my hair.

Yay for post wedding chops!

We got all dressed up for dinner at the fancy restaurant on the ship (called The Normandie for those that are interested) and enjoyed a delicious meal and an even more delicious dessert sampler. YUM!
After a drink in the lounge it was early to bed, we would be reaching Cannes, France the next morning!


Christine said...

This sounds cool :-)
And the sunsets pictures are wonderful...

Anonymous said...

Your hair is soooo stinkin' cute!! Love that you chopped in on your honeymoon...awesome! Looks great!

Tara said...

Love the new hairstyle! Looks like you two were having fun!

Myne Whitman said...

Nice haircut, and the views fantastic. Enjoy your honeymoon.

Heidi said...

I love that you got your hair cut on the ship! I might have done that too if we would have actually gone on our cruise right away! I love the cut! It looks fantastic!

landlocked bride said...

I love cruises! Looks like it started out fun! Cute hair!