mascaras meet the mediterranean, part one: the journey.

Our journey to our honeymoon was a long one. It started on Sunday, September 6th at approximately 6:00 am. Yes, we woke up at 6 am the day after our wedding! We showered, got ready, and packed all of our things before making our way to my parents' house to say goodbye to our families. We had a short visit and a homemade breakfast, hugged our parents and sisters and we were on our way. We would have loved to stay to visit and open gifts, but we had a flight to catch!

We drove the 4.5 hours back to our apartment outside Chicago, switched luggage and did a quick load of laundry before getting picked up to go to the airport.
Enjoying our ride to the airport.


We made it to the airport with time to spare, checked our luggage, went through security, and took a deep breath. We had made it! The hardest part was over. We grabbed some food and talked about the wedding day while we waited to leave Chicago.

We boarded our flight around 6 pm and got settled in our seats. It was going to be a long flight to Munich.
Before takeoff.

Bye bye, Chicago!

We spent the next 8.5 hours or so in those seats, but luckily we were so exhausted from the wedding craziness that we slept most of the way there. We landed in Munich and had some lunch before boarding the last leg of our journey to Barcelona.
The longest part is over!

Landing in Munich.

Almost there!

The first of many tomato and mozzarella sandwiches.

When we finally arrived in Barcelona, we were very tired yet very happy. We had finally arrived!
WE MADE IT! This girl is sleepy.

We headed to the duty-free shop to get some Spanish wine before picking up our luggage. We like our wine, and knew we probably wouldn't have time to shop in Spain at anywhere other than the airport! With wine and luggage in hand, we took a bus to the port, snapping pictures along the way.
The view from the bus.

Upon arriving at the port, more than 24 hours after we'd started our journey, we were so excited to see our ship! The honeymoon could FINALLY begin!
Hello, Mediterranean cruise!

A word of advice: I would recommend avoiding leaving for your honeymoon the day after (especially the morning after) your wedding if at all possible! It makes for a long and somewhat stressful journey (depending on where you are going of course)! Did anyone else opt to leave for their honeymoon the day after the wedding?


AmyKristen said...

I JUST posted about my honeymoon about an hour or so ago. Funny! :) We left the day after our wedding, but our flight left around 11 in the morning so it wasn't too early. We got a good night sleep and weren't too stressed. But we had done laundry and packed ahead of time so I'm sure that helped too! :) Your honeymoon looks like it was fun. Can't wait to hear more about it!

Anonymous said...

we got married on saturday, left on monday. the flight to where we were going was only for 6am, and we couldn't imagine cutting the night before short to get ready to fly that next morning. plus - we had friends in from *munich* that we wanted to spend some more time with! :)

Future Mrs. H said...

Ahh I can't wait to hear more about your trip! Mr. H and I dream about someday taking a Mediteranean cruise!

We are leaving a whole week after our wedding - Mr. H has to go back to work, yes I know it is sad, and I really don't think I will be fully functioning until the Tues after our wedding anyways. Stress does a number on me, haha.

awna jade. said...

SO fun! Such a wonderful get-away, can't wait to hear more!
We are waiting to october to take our cruise! We are counting down the days!!!
PS..Do our Love Dare if you have time! I emailed you, and i'd love to feature you!
PSS...I will get to recaps! I need to get my pictures uploaded :)

Halsey said...

I'm so jealous! That sounds like such a fun trip!

Heidi said...

Wow...that's a lot of flying! I'm sure your cruise was worth it though! We technically left for our honeymoon two days after the wedding, but we flew from MN to CA the day after the wedding, but our flight was at 5pm, so that wasn't too bad!