mascaras meet the mediterranean, part three: a nice visit to France!

After taking a day to recover on the boat, we arrived at our first port of Cannes, France at sunrise. Since our excursion was an early one, we had a chance to enjoy the beautiful view of the coast before our tour.

Still dark...


We took a tender boat with Group Yellow #6 to the port and then hopped on a charter bus. We spent the next half hour or so driving through Cannes to our destination of Antibes. When we arrived, we walked up the coastline and visited the Cathedral of Antibes. We looked around the church before continuing our walk to the market. The fruits, vegetables, and spices were so colorful!

Walking up the coastline.
Obligatory self-snap. We're in France!
The Cathedrale d'Antibes
Inside the cathedral
A pretty French street
To market to market to buy some fresh veggies!
And spices.

We sampled a delicious panini mozza (tomato, basil, and mozzarella goodness) before leaving for our next destination, Nice.
Our our way to Nice we drove past a ton of fancy hotels and even past the hospital where Brangelina had their twins!! (it was, of course, on the coast and resembled more of a hotel than a hospital in case you are wondering). When we arrived, we explored the area a bit with our tour guide before heading to yet another market. Since our goal was to try some food in every place we stopped, we bought a pizza (I can't remember what kind) and some kind of cheesy flatbread for lunch.

So NICE to be in Nice! Yeah, I'm lame.

Another church...I don't recall the name.

That statue is going to have a very bad day. Check out the pigeon on it's head!

mmm pizza!

After eating our lunch fountainside, it was time for us to go back to Cannes! We napped on the ride back and were ready to do some exploring on our own when we got back to the port. We had heard that their was some sort of castle at the top of the city with an amazing view, so we followed the belltower and eventually found some steps that would lead us there. We climbed to the top and found exactly the view we were looking for.

Excuse me mister. You are supposed to wait for your WIFE!

The belltower we followed to get to the top!

The view from the top of Cannes.

Look at all those boats!

After walking back down another set of steps, we came across a street with a bunch of restaurants and hotels. We were in another city and it was time for dessert! I was craving a crepe and some Coca-Cola Light (NOT the same as Diet!), and the mister got some ice cream and Orangina!.That crepe was so good I've been longing for one ever since we left (and no, I did not eat the whole thing)!

Hello, deliciousness.

After an absolutely delicious dessert, the boat was calling us! We tendered back to the ship and relaxed for the rest of the day. Overall, our trip to France was short and not very exciting, but it was pretty and a great way to gradually start off our trip! Looking back, we probably should have chosen to go to Monaco and Monte Carlo over Nice, because we heard those excursions were a little more exciting. In all honesty, we didn't mind though. We were off to Florence and Pisa after all!

Au revoir, Cannes!


Heidi said...

Looks like you got to see some good stuff and you know if you want to ever go back there!

Christine said...

This is a nice trip. I love Antibes!
But yes, Monaco is sooo worth it. The Casino there is amazing.
But Cannes and Nice are great, too :-)

A Wedding Story said...

What a wonderful trip, and great pics! Thanks for sharing!

Halsey said...

Pretty pictures! I'm jealous, hope you had a great time