we're off! and other last minute details.

Well, one of us is off. The car is packed and I'll be making my way back to the UP tomorrow after work! My fiance (that's one of the last times I'll get to say that word) will be staying for one more night and coming up on Wednesday after work. The rest of the week will be filled with the projects I couldn't do from afar, mainly packaging the favors and putting together the OOT bags, final meetings with a few vendors, etc. The decorating at the reception site begins tomorrow as well, so I'll be checking in now and then to see the progress. Maybe I'll even post the progress if I have time (keyword: IF)!

Until then, I'll leave you with a picture of the last project I finished yesterday: the escort card display! Sorry for the terrible picture, but the cameras are already packed so I had to resort to using my phone. The escort cards are finished as well, and they will hang from the ribbons going across the board. Thank you to the lovely Mrs. Quiche for the last minute inspiration and escort card cutting assistance!
If you are thinking "that is one huge escort card board" you are right...it's 4'x6'. Remember, it has to fit about 325 cards on it! I just hope people can reach the top and bottom rows!

I'm curious, if you had a large wedding, how did you display all the cards? I'm thinking a table would be much more practical for so many escort cards!


Christine said...

OMG I cannot believe you are getting married now :-) Time is running sooo fast...
I wish you a wonderful day, many unfogettable moments and much fun! Enjoy it :-)

Heidi said...

Looks great!

I hope you enjoy your days before the wedding and that your day is beautiful! Congrats!!!

Landlocked Bride said...

I LURVE the idea of doing an escort card board, rather than table. A bit more interactive and a modern twist on the traditional (which I love).

And don't for get to stay calm and take a few breathers during this home stretch!

Halsey said...

Very Cute : )

Anonymous said...

FYI- phelps has been blocked from your blog at work because he wasn checking it so often. No joke. Also, we'd like more updates and another shot at winning a contest.

Love Dubes