a slight change of plans.

Weddings plans can change at any minute, and our wedding has been no exception! I had told you all how we had won a fabulous photography package for our wedding, and that part has not changed, thank goodness. The part that has changed though, is the photographer duo that will be snapping the pictures on our big day. Our original photographers were worried they may not be able to make it to the wedding due to some unforeseen circumstances, so they called their photographer friends to see if they’d be willing to offer us the same package. After approval on both our end and their end, the switch was made! Enter the husband and wife team at Deborah Cull Photography!

Deb and Matt will be coming up to the UP a few days before the wedding, and they have even offered to take some engagement pictures of us in the days prior as well! We had taken engagement pictures last winter, but it will be nice to have some summer/fall shots of us without our wedding attire. Check out these engagement pictures that the talented pair have taken recently.

And then there are the gorgeous weddings they’ve captured…

I am always a sucker for the detail shots.

This is my favorite shot ever. The couple just looks so happy and the colors are so vibrant!

I am so grateful that Deb and Matt are making the trip to be a part of our special day! I know they will help us to capture some beautiful memories! You can find more pictures of their work on their blog and website.

Did you have any unexpected changes during planning? Were you happy with the result in the end?


Jen said...

Just checked out their blogs - I love their style! Looks like you are in good hands!

We also had a photog change about mid-way through the planning and couldn't be happier!

AmyKristen said...

LOVE all the pictures!

Molly said...

Those are amaizing pictures!