the bachelorette party: beaches, boats, babes and beer.

As I mentioned last week, my bachelorette party was this past weekend! I drove up to Milwaukee on Friday, picked up my bridesmaid Anna at the airport on the way. We started with a dinner of fish and chips and Summer Shandy at the Miller Time Pub and waited for the rest of the girls to arrive. Everyone joined us at the hotel as they got into town and we just chilled out, drank a few beers, chatted and went to bed relatively early. We had a big day ahead of us!!

In the morning we got up and took our time getting ready before heading to The Wicked Hop to start the day off right. I began the day with a delicious mimosa, while my matron of honor Dona opted for the "liquid brunch" aka the sickest looking bloody mary I had ever seen.

We had to pose with Fabio before moving on to our next stop. As you can see, my BM Kiera got a little more friendly with him than I did.
Our next stop was the beach, where although the weather was not the warmest, at least it wasn't raining! We spent the day relaxing, eating some delicious food that BM Anna's mom had made for us, drinking beer on the beach and building sandcastles.
Oh, and posing with random models who were taking pictures for their portfolios, naturally.
After the beach, it was back to BM Angelie's condo to prep for the night. The condo was decked out with pink streamers, ribbon and brightly colored daisies all over the place!

Never missing the little details, my sister/MOH Dani even drew our little flourish pattern on all of the gift bags!
After getting ready, we all gathered and the girls all explained how they knew me and gave a little toast to me and the mister. All the toasts were great and made me appreciate my wonderful group of girls.

Next up, the gifts. Complete with a hangover kit from BM Dana and her sister Jenna, which included some Sprite, disinfecting wipes, gum, Advil, Tums, Altoids, Vitamin Water and animal crackers. Oh yes, and a garbage bag, just in case!

The last present I opened contained the items I had to wear that night. Thankfully, they were all pretty tame (my friends know me very well). My ruffly satin sash was very cute, and wait a second...what does that say? The "future Mrs. Mascara" of course! A not-so-subtle nod to my Weddingbee moniker!
After opening all the gifts that my friends had so generously given me, it was time to head out for dinner! We had reservations at Swig, a restaurant in the Third Ward. We had some cocktails in the bar before heading to our table for a delicious appetizer of rustic flatbread. I had the wild mushroom gnocchi for dinner, and it was soooo good!

When all of our bellies were full we headed back to the condo to regroup for a second and gather up supplies for the next phase of our adventure....a river cruise on the Brew City Queen!

We spent a few hours listening to tunes, enjoying the view, and playing a good old-fashioned game of "Never Have I Ever".
The tour was capped off with some peppermint patty shots, which I'm pretty sure were the beginning of the end for this bachelorette. But who can resist Peppermint Schnapps and chocolate syrup from the bottle?

Our last stop before calling it a night was a club called Decibel. Our VIP bottle service was spectacular, and the bartenders and owner were so great to us!
We ran into some interesting people there, including a fantastic dancer! BM Anna went up to him to tell him he should try out for So You Think You Can Dance, only to find out he was Cedric Gardner from Season 3!
Being a huge SYTYCD fan myself, I was pretty excited! Anna took the opportunity to play our bachelorette scavenger hunt game, and asked him to marry her. She took it pretty well when he said no.
Not to worry Bees, remember that collective Bee shot I promised you? This one was especially for you!
After lots of dancing in some sweet Kanye shades, it was time to call it a night! I had such a great time with my closest friends and sisters.
I could not have asked for a better bachelorette party!! Special thanks to my bridesmaids, especially Dani and Angelie for the putting together the best bachelorette party EVER.
xoxo, The Future Mrs. Mascara
Did anyone else have a crazy bachelorette party?


Jen said...

OMG What a FUN and beautifully planned day! You're lucky to have such thoughtful ladies in your life!

No crazy stories here - mine's not until next weekend!

Bridechka said...

Looks like so much fun!!! Mine is 6 months away but I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

there is not a single good picture of me on here.
but i love you anyway.

It's A Jaime Thing said...

Looks like a ton of fun, congratulations! ;)


AmyKristen said...

Looks so fun! You have a great group of friends!

Molly said...

Um not all your close friends were there...