a little advice.

One my bestest friends ever sent me an e-mail today asking for advice. I figured who better to ask than a bunch of ladies (and a guy or two) who think about weddings all day long. Logical, don't you think? So here is the scenario:

"One of my friends up here is trying to write a speech for her friend from high school who she really isn't that great of friends with any more but still got asked to be the maid of honor. She wants to say something along the lines of how this couple has been together for 7 years and it is fantastic to see them taking the next step but with out it sounding like it is about time they took this step. Any suggestions?"

Hmm, seems like a little bit of an awkward position if they aren't really close friends anymore. I am struggling for advice to give her. I know how difficult it can be to write a maid of honor speech, so I really want to help her out! So, all of you lovely brides (and grooms!), do you have any suggestions for this friend of a friend trying to write her MOH speech? Has anyone been in the same situation? Help a sister out (literally, she is my sorority sister)!!


Jen said...

I'm no real help but this website seems to have a few:

Also, if the best man is doing a speech as well, if she keeps her's short and sweet, there's nothing wrong with that!

Bridechka said...

I made a speech that went over really well at my bff's wedding a few years ago and it would seem to apply to the situation. Basically I spoke about how seeing them together made true love seem attainable for the rest of us, and for that everyone in their lives should be grateful to them. For a couple who has been together for so long, she can definitely use that and talk about how their relationship has been inspirational to all of their friends and how this step is just an incredible celebration of that inspriation you all feel.

Hope that helps!

PDX Bride said...

I had a similar situation where I was the maid of honor for a good friend in high school that I really dont talk to that much anymore . . . and I had the added pressure that her entire family just thought I was hillarious and kept saying things like "I can't wait for your speech!" Horrible I know! I seriously had no idea what was going to say until we were getting ready before the ceremony. It doesn't take too much time to catch up with an old friend, so just pay attention to those jems that your friends feed you (in my case, the bride started singing the little mermaid as we were getting ready - talk about hillarious!)