bachelorette debauchery.

This weekend is a very exciting one for this bride-to-be. It's my bachelorette party! I'll be heading up to Milwaukee for a weekend with my girls! I cannot wait to see my sisters, sorority sisters, and friends, and I am so grateful that they are all taking the time to travel to help me celebrate! The girls have been pretty good at keeping their lips zipped about the party, so I have no idea what's in store. The only instructions that were given to me were what to pack (casual day outfit, swimsuit, and dressier outfit for the evening) and to make sure to bring my liver (and an extra one, if available) and a smile. The smile, I can do! The extra liver? That one's just not going to happen!
My new swimsuit! Now if only I could look like her!!

What exactly does one do with a swimsuit, their liver, and a smile? Your guess is as good as mine. I'm predicting it includes water, sun, ice cold beer, and good friends. I'll be back with a full report next week!


Jen said...

Have a FABULOUS bachelorette weekend!!!

LauraAnn said...

Sounds like your girls have planned a fabulous weekend! Have a great time! Can't wait to hear the details!

Bridechka said...

Have a great time!

tambride013010 said...

Have a great time!! Looking forward to the recap!