a tea party.

When my sister Dani and I were little, we used to spend hours playing tea party with my aunt. She would break out her best English accent and make up ridiculous names for us like "Mrs. Snodgrass" and "Miss Tiddlywink". I'm pretty sure we were close to having water poisoning...we seriously drank SO much water out of our little pink plastic teacups! Sometimes I miss being a kid.

When I saw this Alice in Wonderland themed bridal shower on Project Wedding, I immediately thought of our days playing tea party. Seriously, how fun would it be to be a guest at this party? Everything is so whimisical and bright!
I'm definitely filing this one away in the inspiration folder, just in case I have to host a shower or girly party sometime soon!


Anonymous said...

ms. snodgrass.
when aunt jackie passed away, i promised myself i would think of her at least once a day.
i think i still do.
anyway, this is bomb. love it!

Julia said...

that looks superb!!! what a fun party! I am a big fan of the tea-party bachelorette party

Krista said...

Love the names hahaha good laugh for a Monday. I absolutely love this though!! So cute brings you back to being a little girl but now with champagne!