a small town shower part one.

This past weekend was a busy one for the Mascaras, or maybe just the female half.  Of course since it was a holiday weekend we were planning on making the trek back up to the UP, but the main reason we went back was so I could attend my first bridal shower!  Mr. Mascara's lovely sisters Angela and Megan hosted the event, which was held at his parent's house on the lake.  
FMIL Connie, FSIL Megan, FSIL Angela, and I

My FMIL had taken all of the furniture out of their living room to fit all the tables and chairs, and I must say it looked absolutely beautiful!  Each table was decorated in our wedding colors which I thought was very thoughtful and cute!  To add to the cuteness, every place setting had a little vase filled with pretty flowers in it to take home.  The hostesses added a little extra something to my place setting... my very own bridal likeness in wooden form from the talented Etsy seller Goose Grease!  

While chatting with guests we were served some delicious peach bellinis, I couldn't get enough of them, they were SO good!  
My sister and BM Gaby, my mom, my sister and MOH Dani, and I

After we all sat down, the food was brought in!  They had made all Italian salads and desserts in honor of our Italian honeymoon.  I was amazed by how thoughtful it was, and let me tell you the food was DELICIOUS.  It looked good too!  
The desserts were to die for.  Italian creme cake and Italian wedding cookies, homemade by both of our mothers. Yum!
Clearly I enjoyed the desserts!
After we finished stuffing every last tortellini in our mouths, it was time to open gifts.  But not before our niece (and flowergirl) Ali could steal me and drag me outside to show me the clams she had caught that morning!  Yuck!  
After making sure her hands were clean, we admired all of the beautifully wrapped gifts and my little helper handed them to me one at a time to open.  
All the beautifully wrapped gifts!
Of course Ali helped with the process of opening as well, and I was grateful to have some of the attention diverted away from me while we opened the gifts.
Stretching before opening I guess?
This present had a monster in it.  A green one at that!

All finished!

While we opened, Angela made sure to collect all the ribbons for the traditional rehearsal dinner bouquet.
Here's my horrible attempt at modeling with the bouquet!
I was amazed and humbled by the generosity of our guests, we received so many nice things! Now we just need to find a place to put them in our not-so-spacious apartment!

The event was attended by mainly my fiance's side of the family, along with some friends and my mom and sisters.  I thought it was so sweet of everyone to make time for the shower even though it was a holiday weekend.  
Some of the guests!

My MOH and sister Dani came, even though it was her birthday (thanks love!).
I am so grateful to have such wonderful friends and family to share in occasions such as this one! 
 My mom, sisters, and I
My college friend Melissa, me, BM Kiera, and high school friends Jaime and Kate
I had a fantastic time... thanks again Angela, Megan, and Mom (and Ali too of course)!


Christine said...

Sounds like you had fun :-)

Melissa said...

Your FIL's did SUCH a great job at planning and decorating for your shower! I'm glad that you had a good time :)

Caroline said...

The pictures look like you had a great time! It's very thoughtful of them to include the Italian culture into the food, it ties in beautifully.

Abbie said...

It looks like such a fun time. WOW-- a lot of guests! Your dress was gorgeous.