hectic holiday weekend.

My week has been hectic, to say the least.  I've been scrambling to put a bunch of things together before I go to the UP this weekend.  The craziness does not stop at the Michigan border though, we've got a ton of things planned for the holiday weekend!

The thing I'm most excited about is my bridal shower!  This is our first official wedding event, and it's making everything feel a little more real!  I'm not sure what my future sister-in-laws have up their sleeves, but it should be fun!  All I know is that its going to be held at Mr. M's parents house on the lake!  It's supposed to be about 70 degrees on Saturday, so I'm betting the event will be held outside so we can enjoy the nice weather.  I'll let you know how it goes next week!

Unfortunately, it's not all fun and games.  I also have several meetings planned with vendors while I'm home.  I'll be meeting with the florist to put some ideas together and with the caterer to finalize the menu before the shower on Saturday.  I'm hoping to get a bunch of details wrapped up so I can stop worrying about flowers and food.

I also have my first dress fitting scheduled so hopefully that goes well!  It's going to be pretty laid back because she's a friend of Mr. M's family (she also made the groomsmans' ties, which I should get back this weekend as well).  I've never met her before, but she altered both of his sisters' dresses when they got married, so I know she will be great!

One of the most important weekend tasks is to finalize our invitation design with both of our families so we can submit them to the printer.  I've got a bit more work to do but I am determined to finish by Monday!

Lastly, we'll be sitting down with my mom to test out some cake flavors (yum!).  I'm also bringing home our clay flowers so she can see if they'll work for the cakes.

Oh yeah, and I'd like to be able to hang out with friends and family at some point during the weekend too. Crossing my fingers on that one!

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!  Is anyone else taking advantage of the long weekend to get wedding stuff done?  

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