making progress.

The invites are coming along.  They're not finished, but I'm happy (for the most part) with how they're turning out so far.  As a little teaser, here's the map I came up with that will be on one of the inserts.

Sadly, even the icon of the reception venue is hideous.  I tried my hardest to make it look good from the outside and even added a flag for some visual interest.  It's just not a pretty building. You win some, you lose some, I guess.  On a postive note, check out how cute the church icon is! It's even close to the real thing.

Are you designing a custom map for your wedding?


melissa said...

This looks great! I love how the church icon turned out. Maybe for the reception venue you can go with some other sort of symbol. On our map I did a bed for the hotels instead of a building. Maybe a small graphic of a cake? couple dancing?

Julia said...

that looks great - the church icon is sweet.
I am hoping to enlist my crafty sister to help with map-design, I love the idea of doing this for out of town guests.

Future Mrs. H said...

I love your map! I would also love to create a map of my own, but have no idea how to even begin designing one. Any suggestions??

Anonymous said...

dear small town bride,




LauraAnn said...

Your map turned out great! I would create my own but have no clue how!