If all it takes is some draped fabric to make a garage look this dreamy, I'm convinced everything will work out for my own ugly venue as well.  This is me breathing another sigh of relief.  *sigh*  I feel better.

Does anyone else look for inspiration to convince themselves that everything will be okay?


an aqua juel said...

Is anyone else getting exorbitant quotes to drape fabric in their venue though?? I got a $6000 quote, which seems like a WHOLE lot of fabric. Sheesh, even more expensive than some dresses.

**awna jade** said...

Don't be worried, my venue started out as an old quonset, and you should see it now-it's wonderful! they did some GREAT work with drapery! I know it was expensive for them, but worth it!

AmyJean said...

I love that draping!

sera said...

The draping is gorgeous, but lights are cheaper, and really, if the ceilings have any height at all, no one will look. I'm constantly blogging for inspiration and reassurance - isn't that why we blog?