a very helpful fiance.

When we first started planning our wedding, my dear fiance was less than interested. In fact, he even surprised himself with how much he didn't care about anything related to the wedding (besides the fact that we were getting married of course!). It was a little frustrating to say the least. I'd ask a question about the reception site, colors, guest list, ANYTHING, and he would respond with "whatever you want to do" or "I don't care" or some other generic statement that didn't help me at all. This went on for a month or two before I couldn't take it anymore. I am not really a crier, but on a trip back from the UP the tears came out. I told him that I wanted his opinion on things, whether it was the same as mine or not. He felt bad for making me feel like he didn't care, and said he'd try to get more involved in the wedding stuff. And has he ever!

He has helped me book vendors. I give him a phone number, he calls and gets quotes. We decide together which vendor to go with, he calls and takes care of it.

He researched and booked our honeymoon. I am ever so grateful for this one! Planning trips overwhelms me a bit because there are so many options!

He pretends to care about things that no guy should ever care about. Flowergirl dresses, centerpieces, you name it, he knows what we're doing.

He comes with me on all of the wedding shopping trips. What to know where to look for cake pedestals? He is your guy.

He has helped me with the crafty projects. He manned the paper cutter while we made our save the dates. He helped me make our mossy initials. And his latest project... bathroom signs! Check them out! He came up with these all by himself, with the exception of the paint colors and the little dots, which were my contributions. Aren't they cute?

I'm so glad I'm marrying him. And not just because he's good with a saw.

Does anyone else have a very helpful fiance when it comes to wedding planning? Was he always that way, or not so much at first?


Julia said...

what a cutie! So good of him to make the effort. Dave goes with the "if i have an opinion I promise I'll tell you, but if not then assume I'm ok with it" tack. Which is all well and good except that I'm a talker and I don't want him to feel bulldozed into a wedding thats not entirely his style just because he didn't speak up. It's so frustrating!! however, he has taken on full responsibility of the honeymoon, which is awesome (and he's going to attempt to keep the destination secret from me!), and has promised to help with booking vendors when the time draws nearer. Plus he means well so I can't complain too much ;)

AmyJean said...

What a crafty fiance! love it!

LauraAnn said...

Your fiance is too cute! That is so sweet of him to help out so much!

My fiance is always willing to help out if I need him which I love!

Amber said...

how awesome!! Those turned out great too.