You may have heard of groomstyle but this is motherofthebridestyle...

I hate to brag, but my mom is a pretty cute little lady. She is short (like 5'1") and skinny and I have always been jealous of her for that (somehow, I got stuck with the taller and wider genes...no fair!). That being said, my mom is way too young, hip, and beautiful to be stuck in one of those stereotypical mother-of-the-bride dresses!
While she and my sisters were in town awhile back, she tried on this dress from David's Bridal and we all agreed that it was a contender for her wedding day attire.
Since there are essentially ZERO malls in the UP, she hadn't found any other possible dresses when I asked her about it last month. I told her she should just order the dress from DB, but she didn't seem completely happy with her choice. I had seen some cute dresses at Ann Taylor in their Celebrations collection, so I told her to look online. She did, and she fell in love with this gorgeous dress in pistachio (the green color on the right). Sorry for the poor picture quality!
I think it's the perfect color to accent the rest of our bridal party. Ultimately, she decided that this second dress was more "her", and ordered it (using a coupon of course... I had to get my thriftiness from someone)! It came in recently and she loves it! One more wedding-related task taken care of!

Motherofthegroomstyle will be coming up soon, but it will have to wait until next week since my FMIL and I will be searching for the perfect dress for her this weekend!

Did anyone else help their moms pick out their dress for the wedding? Where did you look?


Julia said...

that's a really cool dress! your mum is trendy! I loved helping my mum shop for her outfit for my sisters wedding - she ended up spending more than the wedding dress itself cost!! She looked amazing though, and the colour suited her perfectly. So much fun!!I can't wait to do it again for our wedding

melissa said...

When I visited your mom a few weeks ago, she was so excited to show me her dress! It is very cute, very trendy, and I loved that she was happy that it wasn't "old lady" looking :) Your mom is great!