for the little ones.

My fiance and I LOVE kids.   And there are a ton of them in our families.   While I understand why some people decide not to have kids at their weddings, we couldn't imagine our wedding without them! There will be about 30 or so kids attending our event, so we have been thinking of something we can do to make them feel special. 

At our reception venue, there is a small room connected to the room where our reception will be held.  We've been told we are free to use it, and until recently I hadn't figured out what we would use it for, if anything.  I met with one of our decorators this past weekend on my trip to Michigan, where she suggested that we use the room as a type of playroom for the kids.  Genius idea, don't you think?  I do!

Surely, most of the kids will spend plenty of time out on the dance floor, but if they are getting tired or don't want to dance anymore, they'll be able to go into the playroom and watch a movie, color, or take a nap!  We'll be setting up small tables with chalkboard tops,  and lining the floor with pillows so they can get a little shut-eye or watch some Pixar films on the TV we'll be bringing in ( I'm thinking Shrek, since they get married in the end!).

I'll probably put together some kid-friendly swag bags, with crayons and coloring books, juice and some snacks, and maybe a small toy of some kind.  Hopefully, our little guests will feel like VIPs, because to us, they are!

Is anyone else doing something special for the younger crowd?


Christine said...

I really really love your ideas you're having on the kid's room. And I'm a bit envy that you've got an extra room for them ;-)
It sounds like a little paradize to me and I am sure they will feel so comfortable!

We're just having a kid's table which I'll cover this paper covers to paint on it and crayons and things.

Julia said...

that's lovely of you! sounds like a cool idea, and I bet the kiddies will love it. We won't have the room to do anything, and I only have a couple of kids of that age - if we can though I'd love to do a wee fun pack for them. Hopefully they'll spend most of the night grooving on the dancefloor anyway. They are very cool kids.

Bridechka said...

That is so cool that your doing that for the kids :)

LauraAnn said...

The kid swag bags is a great idea! I had never really gave it too much of a thought but after your post I am definitely considering it!