a little help.

My bridesmaid Dona is getting married this May and is trying to decide on the bridesmaids bouquets. Our dresses are white with navy blue flower print, and we are wearing cute light yellow wedges. She wants to use purple flowers for the bouquets but she's worried it won't look right with the white/navy/yellow of our outfits. I put together a few pictures of what we would look like with a few different bouquets, some in purple, some in yellow.

I think the purple or yellow tulips would look really cute, as well as the yellow calla lillies. The purple hydrangeas don't really look right, not sure if it's because of the blue-ish tint of the flowers or because the shape of the flowers is similar to the flowers on the dress, but something just isn't working.

Which is your favorite?

p.s. Sorry I cut your head out of this picture Michelle...I wasn't sure if you wanted your picture all over my blog!


Anonymous said...

oh I LOVE the purple tulips! But I might be biased...seeing how thats what I want in my wedding!! Love your blog! I added it to my daily reads :)

E said...

With the yellow shoes I love the first yellow flowers pictured. :)