another productive weekend.

We accomplished a lot this weekend! On Friday, we took a break from wedding stuff to go to Bonefish Grill for dinner. Their Bing Bang Shrimp is amazing! It was nice to have a normal date night for a change!

Saturday, we went to the Crate & Barrel in Northbrook (it's a huge store) and cleaned up our registry. Then we went to Macy's and signed up for a registry there as well since that's where we found the china we like. They have awesome deals when you sign up there! They give you a red tote bag from Victorinox (the company that makes swiss army knives) when you start your registry. Then if you have a Macy's card you get 5% in-store credit for whatever people buy off your registry, and 10% in-store credit on whatever you buy yourself between the time you register and your wedding date. That's a pretty good deal! The lady that helped us set up our registry was really nice and we came up with a good list of things to scan there.

Now we only have one more place to register since we need a local place for those guests who aren't quite as internet-savvy (Iron Mountain doesn't have a Crate & Barrel or a Macy's, and the closest ones are an hour and half away. But since Shopko doesn't let you update your registry online (very inconvenient!) we have to wait until the next time we visit our parents to do it.

After registering, we stopped at a JoAnn Fabrics to find some material to make ties out of. We didn't have any luck, but we did find a paper cutter on sale (75% off) and an awesome sale on cardstock. 12x12 sheets of the linen textured cardstock were 6 sheets for $0.96. And they had the perfect color green! We went to two stores and bought 100 green sheets and 100 white sheets total. They had to ring up every sheet separately which is ridiculous, and needless to say everyone in line behind us hated us. But we got enough paper for the save-the-dates and probably most of the invites. The sale is going on until Jan. 31st if anyone is looking for a great deal on cardstock!

Today I went back to Macy's to use my 20% off for opening a new credit card. I picked up Adam's wedding gift (I'm going to keep it a secret, sorry!), a bracelet and earrings to wear with my dress (pictures will be coming soon), and a wonderful new scent for the big day.
I haven't shopped for perfume in awhile, so I forgot how sick it makes me! My nose felt like it was going to start bleeding at any moment and I was naseous after it, but I swear this perfume smells amazing! The lady behind the counter told me that it was created specifically for brides to wear on their wedding day, and the bottle is designed to look like a dress, so I figure it's a good choice. She was so excited to help me pick out my wedding day fragrance, she even made me give her a hug after I bought it. A little awkward, but she was sweet.

Then I went back to JoAnn's to buy the material for my veil and crinoline. I didn't find the right size tulle for the veil, but I did get the supplies for the crinoline. I'll be sure to document the process of how to make it in case anyone else is too cheap to buy it!

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