i heart him.

My fiance is one of the nicest, most thoughtful people I've ever met. Here is a perfect example of how sweet he is to me. I asked him to go to the store after work to pick up some noodles so I could make stroganoff for dinner tonight. He said yes and picked up the noodles on his way home. What else did he come home with?
Purple dahlias. And some other type of flower...not sure what they are. Spider mums maybe?

Why did he buy me flowers? Because this weekend I went on an unsuccessful journey to find things to fill my vases with since I couldn't use ornaments anymore. So he decided flowers would be perfect to fill my vases with. He was going to just get the light purple flowers, and then he saw the dahlias. Which happen to be the flowers that I want to use for my bouquet. So he bought both. Needless to say, he made my day. I heart him.

Also, I promised my dad I would put a picture on here of our new dining room set. So here it is! I'm very excited about it! And we are putting our purple candlesticks to use before the wedding... no point in letting them sit in a bag in the closet when we have a pretty table to decorate! Unfortunately we can only fit 4 of 6 chairs around the table in our little apartment, but you get the idea.
All photos are my own. I apologize for the poor pictures, I was too lazy to get the camera so I just used my phone. Please forgive me.

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