christmas diy project #10: dollhouse.

The last but certainly not least project that was constructed for Christmas was a dollhouse for Adam's niece Aliyah (who is also our flowergirl). At the beginning of November, we had set out to find a birthday gift for Ali (her bday is in Nov.) and after being unsuccessful at finding anything, we decided a dollhouse would make a really great birthday/Christmas combination gift. Adam created the dollhouse out of a lot of plywood, dowels, and paint, without much help from me. I originally intended on doing all of the painting after it was finished, but that just didn't happen with all of the other projects I had of my own. So for the past two months Adam worked almost every day on the dollhouse, building, painting, wallpapering, flooring, and making and painting the furniture. I helped a little with the painting and color choices, but this project was definitely all Adam. It turned out so well, and I'm glad to know that he is an expert in dollhouse-making so when we have a girl of our own he can make another one :) That won't be for a while though, probably a long while!

All photos are my own.