things to do.

I'm back in MI for Christmas, and there are lots of wedding related things to do while I'm here:

-decide on a decorator
-check out hotels to block rooms at
-choose guy's attire
-register at a local store
-get ceremony information from church
-get our engagement pictures back!
-meet with the florist

The last time I met with the florist, she told me she thought ranunculus were only available in the spring. She was going to check to make sure, so I'm hoping she's wrong. If not, I think I found another option for my bouquet, minus the overpowering amount of ribbon:

I know dahlias are fall flowers, and I'm almost considering using these even if she can get ranunculus. Dahlias remind me of the garden that Adam proposed to me in, because they were all over the place!

Which do you prefer, dahlias or ranunculus? Or is it ranunculi if it's plural?

Bouquet from here.

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jessica lynn said...

we/i used daliahs and i LOVED the result! :)