i heart the little ones.

At Thanksgiving, Adam and I decided it was time to ask the little ones if they would be in our wedding. Adam has 4 nephews and a niece. One of his nephews, Hunter, is 9 and therefore a little too old to be in the wedding. Brandon is way too young, he's maybe 6 months at the most. But the other two nephews, Derek and Parker, are 3, which is just about the right age to play a part in our wedding. And his niece Aliyah, at 5, is the perfect age to be our flowergirl!

We decided we wanted to get them an inexpensive gift when we asked them. I bought a really soft bear for each of the boys, and we asked them to be our ring "bear"ers. Since Ali is very much into princesses at the moment, we bought her a tiara and jewelry set and asked if she would be our princess.
They were all excited to open up their gifts, and while I don't think the boys fully understand what we're asking of them, Ali definitely knows what's going on. Our conversation went something like this:

me: "Ali, will you be our flowergirl and walk down the aisle in front of me at our wedding?"
ali: *nods her head* "Does that mean I get to wear a Cinderella dress?"
They are all too cute. And they are going to look adorable walking down the aisle!
Note: That isn't dirt on Ali's cheek. She went to see Santa at the mall and got her face painted and then fell asleep and smeared it, but did not want to wipe it off. She's even cute with a black blob on her cheek!
All photos are my own.

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