a small town wedding: a photographic adventure.

After taking our formal portraits, it was time for the fun ones.  We headed out to the church gardens first.

Then we climbed in to our getaway car.

When we arrived at our first location, we grabbed a few more pictures near the car before heading down to the boardwalk overlooking our hometown.

We had some laughs with our wedding party in between photo ops.  One of my bridesmaids told me I had a phone call and then proceeded to shove a cell phone in my face before I knew what was happening.  I totally thought she was serious and tried to answer it before looking at what she had handed me.
Yeah, it was a flask shaped like a phone.  So I "answered" it correctly before starting our group pictures.
Then we headed back to the boardwalk.
Then walked over to the pavilion in the park.
We drove to an old bridge to get some photos near the water.

One of our ushers owns a bar in town, so we stopped to meet some of our guests for a drink before our cocktail hour began.
We had to get a few shoe shots in while we were there since we changed shoes after the ceremony.

I posed for a few last shots with my husband.
He stole one last kiss...
and nearly tipped me off my chair!

Before we knew it, it was time for our cocktail hour to begin!

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