a small town wedding: dinner & our first dance.

After the cocktail hour ended, it was time for dinner and our first dance.  Here's what we saw when we walked into the dining room.

Here's our spot at the head table.
We had collected tons of wine bottles to use as table numbers, and they were filled with single dahlias alongside green hydrangeas in purple vases.
When our guests were seated, we were introduced as Mr. & Mrs. and danced our first dance as husband and wife.
We danced to Home by Dave Barnes.
Source: YouTube
We had taken dance lessons for a few months before the wedding, which was really fun!  Of course the DJ had skipped the intro to the song, so we were a little thrown off at the start, and ended up having to make it up as we went along.

Thankfully no one seemed to notice!  We're not really fans of being the center of attention, so switching up the dance a bit was a welcome distraction from everyone watching us.

We ended our first dance with a twirl...
and a kiss!
All images by Deborah Cull Photography
Next up, it's time for toasts.

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Carlos@Gay Commitment Ceremony Hawaii said...

WOW! What great and happy bride you are! Seeing the photos I can feel so much on the people around you. Congratulations!!!

Victoria Mische | Your Chair Covers said...

Love this wedding! I can sense the harmony and how every one is so excited about the wedding!

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