planning the escape.

With only a little over a week left until the wedding, I cannot help but look past the wedding and move onto the honeymoon. Don't get me wrong, I am very excited for the wedding, the marriage, and everything that comes with being husband and wife. But at this point I am slightly stressed, a little anxious, and looking forward to VACATION!

The morning after the wedding we'll be waking up early (well, relatively early considering the fact that it's the day after our wedding) and making the drive back to Chicago. We'll be switching our bags with our pre-packed honeymoon luggage, grabbing a bottle of champagne, and taking a nice ride in a towncar to the airport. Wondering where we're going?
Well let's see. We'll start in Barcelona, where we board our 12-day Mediterranean cruise! On the way, we'll take in sights in Monte Carlo before heading to Italy. We'll visit Florence, Rome, and Naples (and let's not forget eat lots of pasta and drink some vino!) Then we'll be off to Greece, where we'll see Santorini and Athens. Our next stop will be Dubrovnik, Croatia, which I've heard is absolutely breathtaking. We'll end the trip with a night in Venice (and a gondala ride of course) before making our way to the US and back to the real world.

Now do you understand why I can't wait? I thought so! I even bought a Sea-Band and some Dramamine today, just to be prepared. I'm hoping my motion sickness won't affect me, but I'd rather be safe than sorry!
Have I mentioned I haven't been on a real out-of-the-Midwest vacation since I graduated from college 3 years ago? This honeymoon is much needed. I can't wait to spend 2 whole weeks cruising the Mediterranean and exploring Europe with my HUSBAND!

Is anyone else on pins and needles waiting for their honeymoon? Has anyone else (besides our lovely Snappy on her Sistamoon) been on a Mediterranean cruise? Anything I should be aware of?


Landlocked Bride said...

One of my best friend's swears by those seabands. She actually wears them because she lives on Colorado, and still to this day, gets altitude sickness and those things work wonders for her!

Christine said...

Oh this is a nice route. I'm sure you'll like Europe :-)
Just a pity you won't visit Germany *gg*
Those seabands can also help with pregnancy sickness. They are really good!

Future Mrs. H said...

Sounds like an amazing honeymoon!! I hope you have the bestest time =0)

Heidi said...

Sounds amazing! I hope you don't get sick, but I'm anxious to hear your report since we'll be taking our delayed honeymoon cruise in Feb!